Organizational Development

All consulting services are designed to achieve long-term sustainable positive change and growth.

Each consultative project is designed exclusively for the client’s unique situation, size, and budget.  Experience has demonstrated that organizational impact cannot be achieved in a few days, or even a few months.  Thus, our consultations use a process that secures input, involvement, innovation, and inspired momentum over time (generally one year or more).

Our project-process-approach uses organizational development techniques and best practices for the nonprofit sector.  We may borrow ideas from the corporate sector, but we remain firm that the nonprofit sector must focus on the mission first, so the money will follow.


Strategic Visioning & Planning

Gone are the days of the one-day retreat strategic planning session; today’s environment requires constant critical analysis and alignment.  That means some things work and stay, and others don’t (including process, procedures and even programs).

Our services guide the organization’s leadership through a series of steps, including a deep dive into fact-finding, that will uncover the information needed to make well-informed decisions.  This may include the development of a long-range strategic plan, or just the development of a new project.  It might also include the creation of a new vision, or just a reinvention of old business model.

The key to strategic planning is actually strategic thinking.  It’s not the written plan that matters in the end, it’s the dialogue that leads to brilliant decisions that come to fruition.

Board & Staff Training

Knowledge is power.  The more board members and staff understand the purpose of philanthropy, the more likely they are to appreciate and participate in fundraising.

Presentations include: the Power of Philanthropy, Nonprofit Trends and Challenges, Marketing Value Exchanges, Motivating Different Donors, Fundraising Innovations, and many more.

All presentations are based on market and academic research, and utilize active learning techniques and measurable outcome goals.  Depending on the organization’s needs, presentations may range from one hour to a full-day facilitated retreat, or somewhere in-between, and they are individually tailored to each client.